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At Prairie Hills Funeral Home, family comes first.  Our services are tailored to fit each person and family that we serve. We don't feel that people should need to pay more for truly customized and unique funeral tributes, and so we include a free upgrade to our custom designed service folders, memorial DVD picture pictorial and custom designed 24 x 36 memorial prints. We are also among the few funeral homes in the United States that offer LIVE streaming of our services for all of our client families, at no charge. This service allows family and friends to watch and be a part of the funeral service from home if they can't be there in person. We are committed to providing area-leading service and customization options for our families.                                - Jason Tickle, Owner

CLICK HERE to watch the service for Harvey "Dean" Carey (Broadcasting LIVE: June 30th at 2:00 PM)

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     Custom Engraved Urns

     Unlike virtually any other funeral home from Denver to Lincoln, we have the equipment and ability to offer custom engraved urns that are processed and engraved at OUR facility in Ogallala. This allows for the engraving to be done in an afternoon, and the cost to our families to be minimal.