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We are pleased to announce a new addition to the services that we offer our client families, LIVE STREAMING. Our streaming service allows people the ability to view funeral services live via any internet connected computer or mobile device. This new feature is free, and available to everyone. We are always trying to improve the value of our services, from our unique custom printed materials, Memorial DVD's and now streaming... We are dedicated to serving you with excellence.   - Jason Tickle, Owner

Call Prairie Hills Funeral Home for a link to the Kathy Fenwick live streaming service (308) 284.4055

Click HERE to view the memorial service for Earla M. Jimenez (Broadcasting LIVE: Monday, March 2nd at 10:30 a.m.)

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     Custom Engraved Urns

     Unlike virtually any other funeral home from Denver to Lincoln, we have the equipment and ability to offer custom engraved urns that are processed and engraved at OUR facility in Ogallala. This allows for the engraving to be done in an afternoon, and the cost to our families to be minimal.